Multi-Purpose Vessels(MPV's)

ECL’s Multi-purpose fleet largely comprise of small handy vessels in the range of 7000 dwt to 14000 dwt with predominantly two large holds and a tank top strength upto 13 tons per sq. mtr. ECL's MPV cranes are equipped with a minimum lifting capacity of 60 tons.

Multi-Purpose vessels (MPVs) are non-cellular vessels designed for carriage of different types of cargo including of nearly all types of dry cargo including General, Bulk, Heavy, Over dimensional and / or Containerised Cargo.

The salient features that characterised ECL tween deckers include large cargo ramps , heavy lift gears and box shaped holds.

Pure Car & Truck Carriers (PCTCs) :

Automobiles that are transported by ship around the world are often moved on a large type of RORO called a Pure Car Carriers (PCCs) or Pure Car Truck Carriers (PCTCs).